Bradford-Perley House

Address: Kildeer Ln., North Ranch, Ken-Caryl Ranch, Littleton, 80127

The Bradford House was a part of Bradford City, founded by Robert B. Bradford. Originally a small structure, constructed of blocks of stone, Bradford enlarged the house and patterned it after a southern mansion. At one time the house had three stories, but Bradford is said to have had the top floor removed because lightning struck it three times. It was built as a way station with a toll road to accommodate miners from Denver en route to the mines. Legends abound about the house, such as the one that Bradford brought slaves to Colorado and they hand-chiseled sandstone blocks for the structure. Bradford City was one of two Civil War recruiting stations in Jefferson County. The Bradford property was sold several times. It was finally purchased by James Adam Perley in 1895. When his son Adam died in 1926, the property was sold to John C. Shaffer. Today the Bradford House is a ruin -- a victim of time and abandonment. Remains stand on the North Ranch part of the Ken-Caryl Ranch. Bradford House was named a State Historic Site March 12, 1997 (5JF.997).
Quad Map/Date: Littleton, 1964 (1980)
Sec/Town/Range: S24, T5S, R70W
Elevation: 6150
Source: Ken-Caryl Ranch History Club, "Hoofprints in Time," 1991, p.3; Interview, Frank Desarino, May 1995.
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