Bradford Junction

Address: 1 mile N. of Conifer on Hwy. 73.

An early crossroads where Highway 73 intersects Barkley Road, Bradford Junction was the location of where today's "The Yellow Barn" and an 1862 water well that stands in the middle of the old road. Located here in the late 1800s were a stage coach hotel and station, a large stage barn, the Hutchinson Post Office, a school and other wooden buildings. Here was the junction of the Bradford Road from Turkey Creek, the Gregory and Blue River Road or Mount Vernon Road from Evergreen, and the Denver and South Park Wagon Road from South Park. In the late 19th century this was an area social center. The name came from an early pioneer named Bradford, who founded Bradford City.
Quad Map/Date: Conifer 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S14, T6S, R71W
Elevation: 8060
Source: Bentley, "The Upper Side of the Pie Crust," pp. 19-20; Scott, "Historic Trail Map of the Greater Denver Area, Colorado."
Other Names: Hutchinson Post Office; Conifer; Hutchinson Schools
Last Modified: Fri, May 9 1997

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