Castle Rock

Address: N.W. end of South Table Mesa, S. of 32nd Ave.

Castle Rock, a trademark for Coors, rises abruptly off the northwest side of South Table Mesa. Charles Quaintance built a dance pavilion in May, 1913. Quaintance had a string of burros across the street from the tramway station (on the site of the Foss Drug Store, 13th and Washington) waiting for tourists from Denver. Riders were taken up a zig zag narrow trail to the top of South Table Mountain. Quaintance later built a funicular cable car line to bring people up to his pavilion. During the 1920s, Ku Klux Klan burned crosses on Castle Rock. In 1927, the dance pavilion burned to the ground never to be re-built.
Quad Map/Date: Golden, 1965 (1994)
Sec/Town/Range: S27, T3S, R70W
Elevation: 6319
Source: Fanning, "For Golden Times," pp. 46,47.
Other Names: Castle Mountain
Last Modified: Thu, June 25 1998

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