Berthoud-Bridger Survey Route

Address: Clear Creek Canyon W. of Golden

In 1861, it was determined by the people of Golden to take measures for opening a shorter and more direct route for the Missouri Stage Lines through Colorado to Utah and on to California. Berthoud, with a small party of men, set out to explore the entire valley of South Clear Creek to its source. Three weeks were consumed in this examination. They crossed the main range at what is now Berthoud Pass, passed down the western slope into and across Middle Park. Returning May 28, the results of this reconnaissance were reported. Early in June, having first arranged with two men who were already engaged in overland transportation, he prepared to survey a wagon road in overland transportation from Golden to Salt Lake via Berthoud Pass. They departed June 21, 1861, over the routes previously taken over Gore Pass; thence to the Bear and Snake River Valleys to below Williams Fork, thence over to White River and down the stream to the Green River, across the latter just above the mouth of the Uintah, up that valley and the Duchesne Fork to the Wahsatch Mountains, crossing these from the head of the Duchesne and Red Fork to Timpanogas Canyon and onto Provo City, Utah. This route opened up to the new settlers a succession of valleys with an infinite number of valuable resources. Today, nothing remains of the original survey.
Quad Map/Date: Golden, 1965 (1994); Squaw Pass, 1957 (1974)
Sec/Town/Range: S28, T3S, R70W; S36, T3S, R72W
Elevation: c. 5700-7100
Source: Inventory Data Form, 1979, Hiwan Homestead Museum Library.
Last Modified: Wed, November 28 2012

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