Belgin Farm

Address: W. 80th and Simms St.

An English family, Solomon and Maryann (Clark) Belgin and seven children, joined friends and relatives in the Arvada area. Solomon received pre-emption papers in 1875 for 160 acres at the Simms Street location. Here five additional children were born, and descendants of the Belgin family continued to live at this location until 1994. The Belgins had an orchard of cherry and apple trees, a grove of black walnut trees, a vegetable garden and all kinds of berries. Their subsistence was increased by a number of horses, cattle and chickens. In later years the Moffat Railroad, the Church Ditch and the Croke Canal ran through their property. When Frank Belgin died at age two, a family cemetery was started on the property. Several tombstones are evident for other members of the Belgin Family.
Quad Map/Date: Golden, 1965 (1980)
Sec/Town/Range: S32, T2S, R69W
Elevation: 5659
Source: "Rocky Mountain News," 6-14-1871; "Portrait and Biographical Record of Denver and Vicinity," pp.1050,51. United States Census, 1870; Interview, Art Belgin, grandson of Solomon Belgin, 1973; Interview, Dorothy (Fields) Galloway, descendant, 1973; "Waters of Gold," pp. 18,19.
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