Dinosaur Site

Address: Mt. Vernon Ave., Morrison 80465

In 1878 Othniel C. Marsh, a Yale University professor, excavated a huge brontosaurus from the hog back ridge west side above Morrison. It was both one of the largest and most complete skeletons ever found. It is at the Peabody Museum at Yale. [Note: The site identified in 1976 is not the location of the Dinosaur Site, which is in the same area, however.]
Quad Map/Date: Morrison, 1965 (1980)
Sec/Town/Range: S35, T4S, R70W
Elevation: 5755
Source: Horton, Lorene, "Morrison Historical Guide," 1975.
Other Names: Yale Quarry #10
See Also: Red Sandstone Quarry
Last Modified: Sun, May 12 2013

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