Beach, Howard House

Address: 201 Mill St., Morrison 80465

This two-story bungalow (ca. 1918) with shingled walls has a gable shingled roof and a lean-to front porch across the side of the gable. There is a lean-to addition on the left side of the rear of the house. When the house was first built it had a large trout pond and the children of Morrison used it as a swimming pool. Walter Weir was the architect. He and his family lived in Rossville, below Morrison, and had goats and sold goat milk and cheese.
Quad Map/Date: 1965 (1994)
Sec/Town/Range: S35, R70W, T4S
Elevation: c. 5750
Source: State Inventory Form, Morrison Historic District Committee of the Jefferson County Historical Society, Aug. 28, 1975, Hiwan Homestead Museum Library
Last Modified: Thu, July 9 1998

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