Augusta Mine (Patent #33112)

Address: One and one half miles south of Evergreen on Highway 73

The mine was started up by Charles de Disse in the late 19th century and is now closed. The entrance is sealed and is under a mini storage area. The source of the name is unknown. A copper and feldspar mine. This mine was developed by a four-foot by eight-foot vertical shaft reported to be 165 feet in depth. It was last worked in 1945. Drifts run northwest and southeast, and are reported to be off the bottom level. A surface cut eight feet wide and 50 feet long has been dug and what ore was shipped came out of this cut. The 1963 operators reopened the mine . C.&S. Mining Company, report ore assay at two percent cobalt, 74 percent fluorspar, five percent copper, one and one half ounce silver, and 47 ounces gold.
Quad Map/Date: Conifer 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S15, T5S, R71W
Elevation: 7280
Source: Interview, Sue de Disse, family member, 1992. Information Report, Colorado Bureau of Mines, 1959

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