Arvada Volunteer Fire Department

Address: Station 6 - 6503 Simms St., 1975 District Headquarters

The first reference for fire protection was an ordinance titled "Fire Limits" which was passed by the Arvada Town Board in 1906. "Boundaries were: South of the Colorado and Southern tracks; east and west of town limits. Within these limits all ashes shall be kept in metallic cans or fire proof vaults until ashes can be removed from town. Violations, a misdemeanor, shall be fined $50 and costs." The organization of Arvada's Volunteer Fire Department in June of 1911 was a necessity for this young community. Early meetings were held in local businesses or private homes until the Town Board granted the department rooms in the Town Hall at 7622 Grandview Avenue. Friction developed between 1917 and 1924. The present-day fire department was formed August 12, 1924 with twenty-five volunteers. The Town Board finally furnished the department with a 1924 Graham truck equipped with chemical tanks for fighting fires "in the country," and a supply of two and one-half inch hose for use in the town where fire hydrants were available. A garage on the west side of the Town Hall was used to house the fire truck and the firemen were given permission to build a club room at the rear of the building. By 1947 the department added a fire-rescue unit and firemen were given first-aid training along with firefighting schooling. Financing of the Arvada Volunteer Fire Department took place on May 2, 1949, when residents of a nineteen-square-mile area, voted the Arvada Fire Protection District into existence. A five-member board of directors are elected by the residents of the district and are employed to levy a tax to finance the operation of the district and fire department. Eight fire stations have been built, the fire department continues to grow, and ranks among the best in the United States.
Quad Map/Date: Arvada and Golden, 1980
Sec/Town/Range: S5, T3S, R69W
Elevation: c.5395
Source: "Ordinance Book, for Arvada Town Board, October 1, 1904," Arvada Archives; Arvada Historical Society, "Arvada Just Between You and Me."; Arvada fire Department, "From the 20's to the 80's."; "Arvada Historian," February, 1998.
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