Arapahoe Travois Trail

Address: From prairie to N. Fork of Clear Creek

The Arapahoe Travois Trail was about 16 miles long and was used by the Arapahoe Indians. The trail left the prairie at S28, T3S, R70W, (Golden Quad) to ascend Indian Gulch (pioneer designation). It arrived at the top of the mountains at S30, T3S, R70W, (Ralston Buttes Quad). Then it proceeded due west, crossing Guy Gulch at S27, T3S, R71W (Ralston Buttes Quad). It then reached Elk Creek at S21, T3S, R71W, (Ralston Buttes Quad). The trail then approximated contemporary Smith Hill Road -- up Elk Creek and around the north side of Douglas Mountain and down to the North Fork of Clear Creek at S21, T3S, R72W (Black Hawk Quad). The determination of the route was based on numerous interviews with Golden Gate Canyon ranchers. The only known contemporary reference was by Mark Koch, 1979, "The first wagon to the Gregory diggings."
Quad Map/Date: Golden, 1965 (1980); Ralston Buttes, 1965 (1971); Black Hawk, 1972.
Sec/Town/Range: S28, T3S, R70W; S30, T3S, R70W; S21, T3S, R72W; S27, T3S, R72W; S21, T3S, R71W
Elevation: 5612-8750
Source: Interview, Mary Ramstetter, Golden Gate Canyon Historian; Colorado Historical Society Centennial Essay Contest Entry, p. 12.
See Also: Indian Gulch
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