Alice Group

Address: Coal Creek, South Boulder Mining District, 15 miles from Golden.

1883 Comprising the Alice Ridge Copper Chief and Black Pine Lodes; L.G. Dunnavan, Central City, Colorado, G.W. Reeves, Boulder, and J.W. Venten, Coal Creek, Jefferson County, owners; claims 1500 x 300 feet each, located July 1881. Veins all fissures with crevices about three feet wide, containing copper glance, assaying from five to 60% copper and from 10 to 48 ounces silver per ton, in a quartz gangue. Developed mainly by assessment worth and a shaft on the Alice 40 feet deep.
Quad Map/Date: El Dorado Springs, 1965 (1994)
Source: Corregan & Lingane, "Colorado Mining Directory," 1883, p.393. Colorado Historical Society.

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