Morrison Library

Address: 113 Bear Creek Ave., Morrison 80465

The Morrison Library was first organized in 1938 and set up in a grocery store. It next moved to a post office, then to a rented building next door. Finally, they found an empty store, but were evicted in 1947 when a liquor firm rented the building. That same year Carl Peinze offered to furnish land and materials. The lumber came from a man in the mountains above town who owed Peinze money. William Holmes, at the age of 76, spent the entire summer of 1947 building the library. Holmes' wife and Mary Wilson had hand carried 4,000 volumes to and from the various temporary quarters and now had a final depository in the petite library. It was a vagabond library for many years until it moved into this "doll house." Now being used as a commercial business.
Quad Map/Date: Morrison, 1965 (1994)
Sec/Town/Range: T4S, R70W, S35
Elevation: c. 5750
Source: Site Form, Lorene Horton, Morrison Historical Committee of the Jefferson County Historical Society, Aug. 28, 1975, Hiwan Homestead Museum Library.
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