West Resort Creek

Address: From S of Conifer to North Fork of the South Platte River between Foxton and Foxton Road/Kennedy Gulch, ca. 7.5 miles

Henry Corbin, rancher, named the creek. After having brought cattle from Pleasant Park and finding the hay supply exhausted, exclaimed, "This is the last resort!" Maps: Pine, 1965 (1985); Platte Canyon, 1965 (1985); National Geographic Deckers Rampart Range, Colorado, USA, 1979, revised 2007, approximate scale 1:50,000.
Quad Map/Date: Pine, 1965 (1985)
Sec/Town/Range: S36, T6S, R71W; S16, T7S, R70W
Elevation: 8625 to 6475
Source: Bentley, Margaret V., The Upper Side of the Pie Crust, 1990, pp. 155, 157 Bentley, "The Upper Side of Pie Crust," p. 157.
Other Names: Last Resort Creek
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