Morrison Community Church

Address: 111 Market St., Morrison, 80465

Began as a Methodist Church in 1885-1921. Believed to have burned to the ground within first few years of its existence and was rebuilt in exact replication. Purchased in 1921 by the Pillar of Fire denomination as a memorial to their founder, Alma White. Her husband, Kent White, was the Methodist minister at this church during the time she had the "great experience" in 1893 while playing the organ in this church, leading her to found the denomination that has converts throughout the United States. The denomination still owns the church and the former parsonage next to the church (1993).
Quad Map/Date: Morrison, 1965 (1980)
Sec/Town/Range: S35, T4S, R70W
Elevation: 5755
Source: Horton & Crain, "Morrison Memory Album".
Last Modified: Mon, December 3 2012

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