Address: W. 20th Ave. & Youngfield St., Golden

Although Applewood was founded in 1954, its origins date back to 1883, when Fred and Emma Bunger arrived from Indiana and homesteaded in Fort Morgan. They moved to Prospect Valley in Wheat Ridge in 1889, then settled in a two-story brick house at 3658 Teller St. to raise their six sons and three daughters. In 1932 at the depth of the Depression, Myron Bunger, with his brother Howard, and sister, Berness, scraped together a down payment on 80 acres(at $100 an acre) centering at West 26th and Youngfield streets on land traversed by a creek that provided good watering rights. In 1938 a farmer paid Myron in apple tree saplings that became the seedlings for Applewood. On 20 acres, where Applewood Glen is now, they tried to plant the saplings but the ground was so hard they couldn't dent it with a pick. Making a hole with a crowbar, they shoved in half a stick of dynamite and lit the fuse. In the resulting hole they planted 4 different kinds of apple trees. In the 1950s land was becoming more valuable as housing tracts than farmers' fields. By this time, Myron had acquired land enough for 600 half-acre-plus homesites. Howard and Mills Bunger, both water engineers with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, helped Myron develop a water system for the community that they envisioned. They secured water rights around Golden and combined them with deep wells. Bunger got financing from the Old Central Bank of Denver and established Applewood Mesa Realty. He began plotting out curving roads, spacious lots, and bridle paths on his land west of Youngfield Street. He named the first new community Applewood Mesa. By 1955 several contractors were building and selling custom houses in "The Mesa." Bunger turned his attention to his developments southeast of the mesa: first, Applewood Hills, then Applewood Heights, Applewood Grove, Applewood Glen, Applewood View. A later developer put in Applewood Knolls north of W. 26th Ave. Applewood is now a rambling neighborhood of comfortable homes on spacious, tree-shaded lots.
Quad Map/Date: Morrison, 1965 (1994)
Sec/Town/Range: S31, T3S, R69W
Elevation: 5580
Source: Lakewood Colorado An Illustrated Biography, Patricia Wilcox,1994
Last Modified: Wed, April 16 2014

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