Sand Draw

Address: Sand Draw rises at 7600 feet west of County Hwy. 126 and joins Buffalo Creek at 7200 feet

According to Agnew, Lahn and Harding “On May 18, 1996 … a human induced wildfire burned nearly 12,000 acres of the Pike National Forest and surrounding private lands, destroying 10 dwellings and costing millions in suppression costs and property damage. Less than two months later on July 12, 1996, a high intensity thunder storm dumped approximately 2.5 inches of rain on the fire ravaged terrain causing severe flooding, which resulted in the washouts of Sand Draw and Jefferson County Highway 126, and the destruction of the City of Buffalo Creek's potable water and telephone facilities, and the deaths of 2 Buffalo Creek residents.”
Quad Map/Date: Pine, 1994; Green Mountain, 1984; Deckers, 1994
Sec/Town/Range: S5, T8S, R70W; S5, S8, T8S, R70W; S8, T8S, R70W
Elevation: 7200 to 7600
Source: William Agnew, Robert E. Lahn and Michael V. Harding. "Buffalo Creek, Colorado, Fire and Flood of 1996." Features Online.
Last Modified: Mon, June 26 2017

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