Camp Neosho/Hiwan Homestead Museum

Address: 4208 S. Timbervale Dr., Evergreen, 80439

This was the home of Canon C. Winfred Douglas, noted religious music composer of the Episcopal Church. His wife, Josepha, was one of Colorado's first women doctors. Their son, Eric Douglas, was curator of the Native Arts Department of the Denver Art Museum. Camp Neosho was built in stages from 1886 to 1918 with the octagonal chapel being the last addition. The building is now called the Hiwan Homestead Museum. Named originally for Mary Neosho Williams. In the summer of 1886, John Spence was building a log barn on his 1200-acre property a mile from the Evergreen Stage & Stop store when Mrs. Williams, a prominent participant in the summer session Evergreen Conference of the Episcopal Church, asked if he would sell his property to and convert the partly built barn to a cabin. Spence accepted her proposal and added to the original structure until completion in 1896. The log house features 17 rooms with two-story octagonal structures at each end of the house. Mrs. Williams demanded none of the surrounding large evergreen trees could be cut down, so this accommodation made for unusual room arrangements and architectural features. Seven stone fireplaces and chimneys are included. A main stairway is of solid log puncheon construction, and the stone masonry and wood joinery are of the highest quality throughout. Logs were pealed and dried, one roof lines are made to conform with the rambling nature of the structure. All of the foundations are of stone masonry. Scattered throughout the house interior are fine indian motif designs painted by the noted anthropologist Eric Douglas, and the second story room in the west octagon tower exhibits the gothic arches used to create the draped atmosphere desired by Canon Douglas, noted Episcopalian liturgist who inherited the house from Mrs. Williams as her son-in-law. The structure was a residence until the spring of 1973 when is was purchased by Jefferson County Open Space and became managed as a museum and archival resource library by the Jefferson County Historical Society.
Quad Map/Date: Evergreen, 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S10, T5S, R71W
Elevation: 7120
Source: Interview, Sandy Crain, Director of the Hiwan Homestead Museum, 1991.; National Register of Historic Places Inventory Nomination From #5JF195, 1974, CHS
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